søndag den 28. november 2010

Get serious

Hi people

Well, well, well, ain't that nice.
Funny-time is ovah, and we need to pull ourselves together, because now it's serious. We're ending school soon, and going to highschool (jeez idk what i can translate 'gymnasium' to). So that means that I've gotta do muuuuch better in school, read my homework, participate in classs etc. instead of drawing on the table and dreaming of a better world outside the fucking walls around morten and other teachers.
Oh yes, and it's also christmas. Sigh....... Please don't hate me for this, please don't. But I... I'm not in a christmas-mood. While everyone else is laughing, smiling, singing and cutting paperhearts, I feel like dying. I just want to sleep and cry... Maybe it's some kind of 'wintherdepression' as we call it here in denmark.
No, I don't want to get up in the morning.
No, I don't wanna hear more shit from you.
No, I don't want to get sick.
No, I don't know what I'm gonna be.
No, I don't want to talk to anyone.
No, I don't wanna eat anything.
No, I don't want to slip on the ice and bust my knees again.
No, I don't want to live....

At least not in the winther.

Jeez, I mean, I swear, that if I was older I would head over the medical and buy some antidepressive pills or something.

I hate denmark, i seriously need to get outta here....

The best living or dead hands down huh?
less talk more head right now huh?
and my eyes more red than the devil is
and I’m bout to take it to another level bitch
there you go again, aint nobody as cold as this
do the rap and the track triple double no assist
but my only focus is staying on some bogus sh-t
argue with my older bitch acting like I owe her sh-t
I heard the people sayin raps are gettin trap mayne
bought the chain that always give me back pain
f-ckin up my money so yeh I had to act sane
Chi n-gga but these hoes love my accent
she came up to me and said this the number 2
if you wanna make it number one your number 2 now
this that goose an’ malibu I call it Malibooya
God damn Yeezy How I hit em with the new style
know that muthaf-cker well, what you gon do now
whatever ever I wanna do, gosh its cool now
nah gonna do, uhh its a new now
think yo muthaf-cker really reall need to cool down
cause you will never get on top off this
so mommy best advice is to get on top of this
have you ever had sex with a pharoah
I put the p-ssy in a sarcophagus
now she claiming I bruise her esophagus
head of the class and she just want a swallowship
I’m living the future so the presence is my past
my presence is a present kiss my ass


onsdag den 20. oktober 2010

Sleeping late, waking up late


I've been away for a while, because I needed to get some time for all my little projects, and that is, for example, editing some old model pictures and putting them on Flickr, recording a musicvideo (and clipping it and everything), painting and drawing and making music in Logic... So, you see, I have my hands full ;)

You're probably wondering why, if I ever, decided to write another blog-post at 2:23 AM.
Well I really don't know either.
Right now, p.t., status quo, I'm having my potato vacation... Or autumn vacation... Whatever.... And you now it. You knoooow it. I'm talking about the "Sleeping late, waking up late" fase...

I don't know if it's wonderful, so be on the internet all night and sleep all day.
But I sure can't remember what day it is! :S


– Lé Vici

P.S. Musicvideo out soon!
P.P.S. Listen to Calvin Harris - great stuff man!
P.P.P.S. My parents would be so mad at me for this.

tirsdag den 15. juni 2010



You see the girl
She's outrageous
You see the girl
She's smiling
You see she's happy
But you don't see the scars
On the inside of her brain

She's not well
She's just saying it
Never did she want anything
From anyone, anywhere
Never did she hurt anybody
Anywhere, anytime

When she comes home
She's all alone
If you call her she wont answer
Because she's busy crying her heart out

You wont find her anywhere
She's all alone
If you see her she will look at you
But you wont feel anything

Her soul is empty
Empty, empty, empty,
And her world is crushing down,
But she just keeps on smiling
All though
There is no future

That's why she wears that thing,
That's why she wears that thing,
That's why she wears that thing,
That's why she wears that thing,
It's the damn thing that reminds her,
She can only trust herself

She has no friends,
Neither family,
She's a robot,
Do not care for her

Nobody thinks of her,
Nobody loves her,
She had so much love to give,
But noone noticed her,

She has no point in living,
And nothing worth dying for,
Nobody would care if she did,
So I guess she just keeps on going,

Tears are running down
Ruining her face
She is all alone
Nothing can change her faith

She has everything
And her health
But a part is missing
The part is the meaning
The meaning of her life
She's just a robot, doing what she should,
Noone can help her, even if they would,

She's all alone,
Alone, discarded, wanna-be, idiot
The words are getting louder,
She's all alone,
Alone, discarded, wanna-be, idiot
And the words just won't stop getting louder

She is a bird in a cage,
All the masks around her,
They're laughing,
And all she needs is a hug or two

She has no future,
The girl has no past,
And I don't know for sure,
How long she's gonna ...

fredag den 23. april 2010

Teenagers are just... nolifers

Yeah. That's really it!
I've always thought that being a teenager was extrem'ly cool, and I really wanted to be one as a kid. But.... I've just realised....
We really don't have a life.

We sit and talk, stare, buy stuff, party, get angry, become friends, fall in love, break up, being akward, listen to music, doing homework, yelling, dancing, sleeping... And yak yak yak yak yakakakakak.
That's the life of a teenager people. Or at least average.

But... we like it =)

lørdag den 3. april 2010

Ahhh holiday


Right now I'm having a holiday from school and its lasting for about one delightful week. ^^
I havent been out much, but I have done some things. I was out shopping one day, had guests, been at a friend's home, sleeping, clearing my room, checking my music-stuff (microphone and so), sleeping, sleeping and... sleeping.
I am really happy for this vacation, and I am also stunned that the sun is (finally) coming back. Yay!!!!
When it's winther, which I hate, but don't get me wrong I love the beautiful snow and hot chocolate, everybody's getting in this "suicidal-mood". Like, getting to school too late, forgetting your stuff at home, freezing, becoming sick, slippery/muddy streets, depressed people everywhere, dead animals and poor homeless people..... I don't see the point in this "winther". But I can only guess- maybe you have to be really sick and depressed to appreciate the sun later on?

Anyway, I love vacations, and may God damn those "holiday-homeworks"!!!!
I hope you are all having a nice relaxing holiday, without wearing make-up, getting up early, but just giving yourself time to think and to make all the things YOU wanna do.

- Lé Vici :) ♥

onsdag den 3. februar 2010


I looked at my dollar from America a couple of days ago and stared at that "pyramid" again. I convinced myself 2 search for it, just for fun, and then I found a lot of stuff about this strange, secret society called ILLUMINATI.
People say different things and post lots of videoes on youtube about this.
They say that Obama is Illuminati.
They say that Jay-Z, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Michael Jackson and Lady GaGa are slaves of Illuminati and that they are given money and fame, for their soul.
They say that they have subliminal messages in movies, commercials and music.
They say that Illuminati killed Michael Jackson.
They say that Illuminati wants to kill 90% of all the people on this Earth.
They say that Illuminati hates black people and muslims.
They say that Illuminati has many presidents in their power league.
They say that Illuminati is a group of clever people, who watch EVERYTHING we do.
They say that Illuminati still exist, and that they want 2 take over the world.
They say that Illuminati are planning to make a "New World Order"....

Are they rumors, or are they true?
Or partly true?
And why would "fakers" use time to make such a complicated website?
And why is the sign still on the dollar?

I'm scared. I told my class about this, and we searched for websites about this....
Take a look at these sites:

Me and my friends stayed after school just to look closer at this. It freaked us out!
The site illuminatiorder.info is one of the freakiest websites I have EVER seen. Why is it black with this gold/blue pyramid? WHy is all in english/german/arabic??! Why is it written backwards?!

Please check it out, it makes you think.

- Lé Vici

onsdag den 27. januar 2010

Being sick while having a big project to do


In the past 2 weeks I have taken a lot of vitamins to prevent that I got sick, because I have a LOT of things to do in school including a HUGE projectweek with my friend Kathleen.
And then- I get sick.
I feel dizzy when I stand up, and have this HUGE headache and I can hear my heart beat in my temples. And I throwed up... :O
Maybe it's because I went to McDonalds? Maybe it's because it's cold? Maybe it's because I was around many people in shops yesterday?
I don't know.

But what I do know, is that I have to get healthy in at least 2 days.
May God save me and hear my prayers!!!!!

- Sick lé vici

tirsdag den 26. januar 2010

Hello people <3

Today I went to school, but tired, because I had been making my homework in my bed in the night :o
Bvaarrr I hate homework. I hate it!!! You know, if you have a LOT of dreams and things u wanna do or just breath, sleep and relax, then WHY does the school steal our chance?! Wtf?! Like me right know, I want to have a cool photoshoot, I want to make some songs, I want to sleep and eat chocolate, I want to see the world but I can't. Sad, saddier, and freaking saddiest.

Yay! We got to go out of school one hour earlier :) I went to McDonalds for a "happy tuesday" meal, and around i 5-6 shops, looking for a PLAIN WHITE glove for my costume. And nobody even knows what the hell that is....

Well bye 4 now, Im gonna make homework, with a *huge* headache.

- Lé Vici

mandag den 25. januar 2010

"Work-day" and Art School

Hey :)

Today it was an totally ok day. We began spending our four first hours to listen to people telling about their job. I listened to these jobs: Doctor, nurse, auditor and inventor. I think inventor sounds pretty nice, it really "turns me on" to have an idea and to sell it and make money on it, and of course being known as the cool person who invented the item. Fancyyyy...

After school I hit the bus, and drove to my Art School, which is called "Billedskolen" in danish. That was nice(as usual!)and I was working on accesories for my Michael Jackson "costume" for shrovetide :) I'm working on a band (for the right arm) and of course a glove, and it's gonna be pampered n pimped don't worry ;)

I want my "costume" 2 look a bit like this:

What do u think? :D

I think it's smooooooth.

Bye Darling <3

søndag den 24. januar 2010


Hey hey people! <3

Today I had to get up in the morning, and have a bath, and fix myself up to get to church. It was ok, but after it all, there was some "games" downstairs and something to eat and drink, so we went downstairs to check it out.
So much food! And soooo many philiphines(?). Later we went outside to play a game.... That was just annoying, and cold. I should have brought a WARM hat, not my mary-poppins-style hat. There I learned a lesson. All right, karma.

I will post the song we made about "Father Benny" AKA "Patter Benny" here:
"Fader Benny er en rigtig rar mand,
Han kommer fra Indien, hans land,
Med Tony han gir' de fattige et hjem,
For de fattige skal vi ikke glem'."

In english:
"Father Benny is a really nice man,
He comes from India, his land,
With Tony he gives the poor a home,
Because we can't forget about the poor."

Hm, I am kinda tired right know and I HAVE to make my homework, but what I really want to is rather laying in my bed sewing a dress for my tree-doll. Yeah, I'm weird. So on, I wish you a happy night, and may y'all find out who you really are, and help others discover themselves too. Or help the aliens. WATHÆVER.

Bonne Nuit, Baybeh!

lørdag den 23. januar 2010

My First Blog!

This is the first time I've ever made a blog, and that's just freaking amazing. Wow, know, my life is soooo much better because I can now sit all day and write about my boring life thinking that someone will sit and read this and become my ever-lasting fan.
Just kidding! ;)
Well, I'm writing here right now because I wanted to make a blog just in CASE I got something I wanted to share with the world. Just like a youtube, only with text and pictures. Or like a public facebook? Hm.

Right now: I should be making LOTS of homework like french, biology, math, danish, history and sooo on. Haha, my friends are laughing at me and calling me a geek and a wanna-be, but I'm just trying to do my best. Sometimes, I hate them...
I think that the new way of living is really sick. All these people I see everyday, not in my class, but those city-super-duper-designer-healthy-pretty-skinny-surplus-caffélatte drinking-clever-girls and mothers, who are perfect. Or at least trying to. But it's not their fault!
It's definitely the society!!! It's evil. Try it yourself, just look out when your sitting in a bus for example. It's pretty weird, hey, a long time ago it was popular to be fat, and that rolemodel was called Venus(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venus_of_Willendorf), and now, is this the rolemodel? http://gioccopublicidad.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/nolita_big1.jpg

One thing is sure:
I am not going to be a city-super-duper-designer-healthy-pretty-skinny-surplus-caffélatte drinking-clever-girl.
I am going to be me.